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Advantages of Remanufactured Engines

Advantages of Remanufactured Engines

For fleet managers, municipalities and owner-operators alike, losing an engine is always an untimely (and often costly) setback. But when the unexpected happens, one of the best ways to minimize downtime (as well as cost) is to go with a remanufactured engine. Big Bear Engine Company remanufactures as many as 45 engines every single month in its AERA-certified facility. They’ve built countless relationships with customers all over the world—and those relationships are based on quality and trust. Big Bear’s clients trust them to build a durable engine that lives up to the highest of standards, and the company takes great pride in delivering on that promise.

Reman Advantage #1: Quick Turn-Around

Quick lead times are often the most appealing aspect of opting for a remanufactured engine. After all, uptime means profit. Thanks to performing all machine work, inspections, and assembly under one roof, typical turn-around for a reman engine from Big Bear is just 12 to 14 business days. The company’s ability to handle everything from initial teardown to final assembly of the long block in-house makes this possible. Sweetening the deal even further, the customer’s engine—which has been built to meet OEM specifications—is backed by a nationwide warranty. This means that, should the need for any repairs emerge, they’ll be performed by a trained mechanic using quality parts.

Reman Advantage #2: Cost Savings

Due to the major supporting components of an engine like the turbo, exhaust manifold, fuel pump, fuel injectors and so on typically requiring replacement before the need to overhaul the engine arises, a remanufactured long block becomes even more financially attractive to the end-user. Retaining those properly functioning components provides the customer considerable cost savings while simultaneously giving them what essentially amounts to a new engine. In comparison, sourcing a brand-new, fully dressed engine from a dealer can cost three times the amount of money it takes to secure a remanufactured long block from Big Bear Engine.

The Remanufacturing Process (Machining)

Big Bear Engine’s remanufacturing process begins with a full teardown of the original long block. Once disassembled, the bare block, stripped cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rods, and camshaft(s) are all treated to a comprehensive cleaning (either by chemical jet wash or hot-tank). The practice of magnafluxing is employed throughout to inspect components for cracks, along with testing for proper hardness and thickness. Once the crankcase has been verified for reuse, it’s bored and honed to precise tolerances. And once the head is deemed usable it’s treated to a resurfacing. Both the deck of the block and the cylinder head receive finishes that are conducive to running the latest head gasket materials on the market.

Further along in the cylinder head process, valve height is checked via micrometer and the head itself is vacuum-tested to guarantee optimum valve sealing. The crankshaft is machined to exact tolerances but also polished to reduce bearing and oil resistance. Connecting rods are carefully inspected for bend and/or twist before being machined to OEM specs and (where applicable) fitted with fresh bushings. The camshaft is machined to ensure it provides the correct lift, with each lobe being mic’d to certify that OEM tolerances have been met.

The Remanufacturing Process (Assembly)

In every remanufactured long block Big Bear builds, all-new wear parts are purchased. This includes all valve seats and guides, valvesprings, keepers, retainers, bushings, pistons, rings, wrist pins, rod and main bearings, cylinder liners, and gaskets, among other items. Prior to being installed, each new wear part is inspected and examined against original specifications to verify it meets the correct dimensional tolerances. These added points of inspection help ensure that the finished long block is as mechanically sound as it was when it first rolled off the OEM assembly line.

Shipping And Delivery

After Big Bear’s team of skilled engine builders assembles the long block, it undergoes final inspection and validation before being shipped to the customer via a reputable LTL freight carrier. Upon delivery, the customer is responsible for dressing the engine as well as installing it—tasks which are best left to a qualified mechanic. Big Bear also provides a detailed engine break-in procedure for each remanufactured long block it produces. The engine break-in instructions should be strictly adhered to for maximum durability and longevity.

A Word On OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Big Bear’s remanufactured engines feature both OEM and aftermarket parts. Don’t worry, aftermarket companies have been producing parts for OEM’s for a very long time. The fact that all manufacturers have to ensure that their parts are being produced to exacting standards is good insurance for engine builders and parts suppliers alike. It’s also worth noting that both OEM and aftermarket parts manufacturers often go beyond meeting the minimum requirements, meaning they are constantly working to improve their products based on continual R&D and in-field testing. Aftermarket companies often make improvements or design changes to a part or component that exceeds OEM specifications—just as an OEM can decide to improve its original designs and materials.

Built To Last

At Big Bear Engine Company, they know the goal of remanufacturing an engine is to make it as close to new as physically possible. And through its multi-tiered system of inspections, machining, testing, assembly, and final preparations, Big Bear achieves exactly that—a product that’s built for the long-haul. Thanks to the success of the company’s remanufactured long block program, its customers have justifiably come to expect an engine that lasts as long as the original version—and repeat customers know that the Big Bear name means quick lead times, high-quality work at an affordable price, and a strong warranty.

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