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Category Archives: CAT 3306 Common Problems

CAT 3306 Engine Turbo and Aftercooler Problems

CAT 3306 Surplus Engine Showcasing Top Mounted Turbo and Muffler Continuing our series on CAT 3306 Air Inlet and Exhaust Problems, Part 2 of the series explores the Aftercooler and Turbocharger for air flow restriction issues. The CAT 3306 is built on simplistic old school mechanical engineering. There really aren't too many glaring issues with…
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CAT 3306 Air Inlet and Exhaust System Problems Part 1

Caterpillar 3306 and 3304 Air Inlet Elbow Overview of all Caterpillar 3306 Air Intake and Exhaust Issues: A lack of horsepower could be many things but one of the most common areas to check is the air inlet and exhaust systems. Subsystems of the air inlet parts to inspect include the inlet manifold, aftercooler, turbocharger,…
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