Jeep Wrangler driving off-road with a 4BT Cummins engine
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Stay informed with Diesel News around the world from Big Bear Engine Company. Get the latest updates on diesel technology, engines, and industry trends. Read more about diesel news today!

Rumor Mill: Did Ford Own Cummins?

For years a myth of epic proportions floated around grimy garages and internet forums all the like stating that Ford Motor Company actually owned Cummins Diesel. No way that is true? Right??! Well we are here to set the record straight… yes Ford did at one time own a piece of Cummins. During the mid…
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Detroit and Chicago Recieve Over $2,000,000 in EPA Grants

Two American cities are being helped combat emissions with older on-road truck fleets with a big fat check from Uncle Sam. The cities of Chicago and Detroit are set to receive $2 million dollars to help replace older diesel engine busses and equipment to more modern eco friendly models. Chicago has already received more than…
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Diesel News From Around the World

Diesel News Our monthly look at what’s been happening in the diesel world. Former VW Exec Jailed for 7 Years The aftermath of ‘Dieselgate’ continues as Oliver Schmidt, the general manager of VW’s environmental and engineering office in Michigan, was handed a seven-year prison sentence by Detroit judge, Sean Cox. Schmidt was also handed a…
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