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Top 10 Caterpillar Engines

Everyone has heard of Caterpillar (CAT) engines, whether you’re an engine enthusiast or just an average joe. If you haven’t heard of them, you’ll likely recognize their logo at the very least. Cat or Caterpillar Inc. is a renowned engine manufacturer that has been around since 1925. Cat and their founding fathers have a remarkable…
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Protect Your Investment—Get Some Gauges Before You Turn Up The Fuel

By Featured Writer: Mike McGlothlin It’s no secret that considerable horsepower potential lies within the 4BT and especially the 6BT Cummins platforms. With a few simple hand tools, either the rotary or highly-desired inline plunger pump (P-pump) can be tweaked to provide the engine with significantly more fueling. In the case of a 6BT equipped…
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