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Discover blog resources and article resources at Big Bear Engine Company. From AI’s impact to globalization effects, delve into diverse topics & gain valuable insights. Learn more today!

10 Old School Jobs That Will Not Be Easily Replaced by AI

What started as an idea to improve daily operations, turned into a trend that took the workplace by storm, artificial intelligence appears to be here to stay. TechTarget defines artificial intelligence (AI) as “the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.”  To rephrase, artificial intelligence is human-like computer technology used to automate…
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Remote Work Hacks That We Can Learn From Traditional Trades

According to a McKinsey survey of 250,000 employees in a variety of industries, 87% would jump at the opportunity to work in a remote position. Although this statistic does show the increase in demand and popularity of remote work, it may not stay that way if some of the issues that remote employees experience continue…
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The Effects of Globalization on Food Supply Chains

If every country’s culture could be represented by a phone, globalization would be the phone line that connects those cultures. In National Geographic’s words, globalization can be defined as “the increasing connectedness and interdependence of world cultures and economies.” Since this connection manifests into a global economy, a variety of markets have been affected, bringing…
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Automotive Careers for Women: Resources and Advice

Women continue to be a minority in the automotive industry, making up only about 23.6% of its workforce as of 2019. Because the automotive industry produces a major form of transportation, it brings in significant revenue and is likely to be a long-lived sector of the economy.  As such, as women join this industry, they…
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