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Detroit 60 Series Engine

Detroit Series 60 Engines For Sale

Green Reman Detroit Diesel Series 60 for Sale on top of a Wooden Platform

You can’t have a conversation about the greatest diesel engines of all time without including the Detroit Series 60 name. This engine family, which consisted of three models over the course of a 24-year span, revolutionized Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty engines in North America. Its pioneering of electronic engine controls made it the first of its kind, but despite its rapid breakaway from fully mechanical engines it proved reliable, efficient, and powerful. In fact, the Series 60 was so well-rounded that Detroit Diesel Corporation sold more than 1.2 million of them.

John Deere Influence & Electronic Controls

Looking to ensure its clean-slate Series 60 engines were just as durable (if not more so) than the competition, Detroit enlisted help from agricultural machinery juggernaut, John Deere. ‘Deere designed the Series 60’s renowned piston ring system, as well as the cylinder head. Then came Detroit’s implementation of the Detroit Diesel Electronic Control (DDEC) system, which made the Series 60 the first fully electronically controlled diesel engine in the over-the-road market. Not only did DDEC make the company’s workhorse engine more powerful and efficient, but it provided engine diagnostics, warnings and alerts for the operator, progressive shift functionality, record keeping, speed governors, and many other forward-looking features that were avant-garde back in the late 1980s.

3 Basic Versions

Each variant of the cast-iron block and head Series 60 sported similar architecture, but the O.G. engine was the 12.7L. With a 5.12-inch bore, a 6.30-inch stroke, and 778 cubic inches, it was far from the biggest Class 8 engine available when it debuted in 1987. However, with the right ECM tweaks it could easily out-pace the larger displacement competition—and do it while enjoying better, 12.7L-like fuel efficiency. The 11.1L Series 60 was also released in 1987, and it featured the same (5.12-inch) bore but a shorter (5.47-inch) stroke. It was a mainstay in the motorcoach segment until being retired in 1998. The 14.0L Series 60 came online in 2001, boasting a larger bore and longer stroke, along with belting out as much 515 hp and 1,650 lb-ft of torque.

As Close To Infinite As It Gets

While full-on electronic control over a heavy-duty diesel engine might’ve first appeared to be a gamble back in 1987, Detroit proved that it had done its homework with DDEC. Like the engine itself, the Series 60’s electronics were rock-solid, and by 1992 Detroit laid claim to what was the most trusted and widely used Class 8 engine in North America. As the ultimate vote of confidence, Freightliner exclusively offered the Series 60 in its trucks for two full decades. It’s been said that the Series 60 is the best engine Detroit ever produced. Many others believe it is the greatest diesel engine ever produced.

Series 60 Engines Applications and Uses

  • Class 8 Trucks
  • Buses

Common Detroit 60 Series Engine Problems & Failures

When engines go wrong, some are fixable and some are just not worth the time and money, subsequently meaning the engine is simply unsalvageable. Listed below are some common issues we hear from customers who intend to replace their Series 60.

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  • Spun Crankshaft Bearings
  • Cracked Cylinder Head(s)
  • Scored Pistons and Liners
  • Over Fueling
  • Lack of oil or oil pressure
  • Crankshaft Failure
  • Lifter/Roller Failure
  • Connecting Rod Failure
  • Extreme Blow-By
  • Dropped Valves
  • Camshaft Failure

Series 60 Engine Replacement Options

Unfortunately, there are an array of issues that can immobilize your engine. Some instances mean that your only option is to replace it. However, sometimes you may just need a few more parts to bring it back to life, or maybe the engine needs a well-deserved refresh. Of course, cost, time, and availability will dictate your decision, so let us inform you of the pros and cons of a new engine from the dealer.

Replacement Options for Reman Detroit Diesel Series 60 for Sale

Remanufacturing Process

If someone is unfortunate enough to witness a serious internal engine failure but is fortunate enough to be able to re-use some of their external components…a remanufactured Detroit Series 60 long block is a good way to go. Additionally, a long block is also perfect if you are hoping to spend as little money as possible.

To achieve this, our team of machinists and engine builders will perform a full core tear down, cleaning, inspection, and machining of the engine before it leaves our facility, ensuring each engine is in good condition every time.

However, it is important to point out that all of our Series 60 remanufactured long blocks are constructed with a mixture of both reman and new parts. We do not recondition or refurbish old engine parts. Instead, we completely rebuild the old Series Detroit 60 engine back to OEM specs.

Thorough Cleaning

In an effort to avoid the early demise of both parts and the Series 60 itself, we remove all impurities by stripping the blocks, heads, rods, and camshafts which are then thoroughly cleaned in a chemical jet wash or hot tank.


Crankshafts are precision machined to exact tolerances, polished and magnafluxed, then thoroughly inspected by our quality control department.

Cylinder Heads

To ensure a proper sealing surface with the block and to achieve a finish compatible with recent gasket materials, the heads are resurfaced. Valve height is mic’d and every head is vacuum tested to assure correct valve seating.

Cylinder Blocks

Magnafluxing is employed so that each block is carefully inspected for any cracks or damage. To ensure the avoidance of cylinder head distortion after the head is bolted and torqued to the block, the cylinder heads are bored and honed to precise tolerances. This eliminates the most common cause of engine blow-by. Block surfaces are machined and then inspected to ensure a proper finish.


Camshafts are inspected and precisely machined to provide the correct lift. Lobes are measured with a micrometer to make sure OEM tolerances are met.

Connecting Rods

New bushings are fitted and machined in all bushed rods. Every rod is carefully inspected for bend and twist. Connecting rods are cleaned, then machined to OEM specifications and honed to the standard diameter of original equipment for even distribution of stress on the bearings.

New Series 60 Engine Parts

New parts such as pistons and rings, bearings, gaskets and seals, and liners come standard on our 60 Series long blocks. These new parts ensure dependable performance and reliability throughout the life of your engine. The new parts are a combination of OEM and aftermarket, when available.

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Remanufactured Engines Standards

Wearable parts are replaced every time, all Detroit Series 60 core materials are then inspected and examined against the original specifications to ensure correct dimensional tolerances. After all, the aim of remanufacturing is to make the engine as close to new as possible. Replacement parts are either new or requalified. If new, parts are made in the exact same production processes as the original Series 60. Testing is performed to manufacturer specifications and original production standards.

Detroit Series 60 Engine Long Block Parts List:

  • Photo of a Green Reman Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engine Long Block for SaleCylinder Block
  • Complete Loaded Cylinder Head
  • Crankshaft
  • Connecting Rods
  • Intermediate Cover
  • Timed Front Gear Group
  • New Upper and Lower Gasket Set
  • Camshaft
  • Followers/Lifters
  • Pistons
  • Liners
  • Rings
  • **1 Year Warranty

*Note: We can provide new oil pumps, oil coolers, water pumps, turbos, injectors, and fuel pumps for an additional cost with the long block but will not come assembled to the engine.

**First 6 Months Parts & Labor, Second 6 Months Parts Replacement Only. Ask your sales representative for a full copy of our remanufactured long block warranty.

Detroit 60 Series

Engine Data

Inline Air SystemTurbocharged Air-to-Air Charge Cooling
Specifications12.7L, 14.0L
Bore5.12 in x 6.30 in, 5.24 in x 6.62 in (130 mm x 160 mm) (133 mm x 168 mm)
Stroke778 cu in (12.7 liters)
Displacement858 cu in (14.0 liters)
Compression Ratio17.25:1, 16.75:1
Length57 in (1448 mm), 57 in (1448 mm)
Width34 in (864 mm), 34 in (914 mm)
Height50 in (1273 mm), 50 in (1273 mm)
Weight (Dry)2640 lbs (1199 kg), 2640 lbs (1199 kg)

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