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Detroit Diesel DD15 Engines For Sale

Detroit Diesel DD15 Engines For Sale

Black and White Photo of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine 1 Class 8 For Sale

Detroit Diesel spent $1.5 Billion developing the DD15 engine platform. That amount of money marked the largest amount any OEM had ever poured into a new engine program. But why did the Daimler AG-owned Detroit Diesel commit to such a colossal investment? For starters, federal nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions standards were set to tighten up substantially beginning in 2007, and rather than adapt its wildly successful Series 60 engines to adhere to the new regulations the company wanted a clean-slate power plant - one that could meet present, pending, and future emissions standards.

Well-Built—Because It Had To Be

Thanks to what its customers had come to expect from its Series 60 engines, Detroit Diesel had to produce a state-of-the-art diesel that lived up to whatBlack and White Photo of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Heavy Duty Truck Engine For Sale its predecessor engine delivered. This meant million-mile durability, segment-best fuel economy and class-leading power had to be on tap. Despite the DD15’s intermittent EGR and aftertreatment system issues, it has proven to be one of the more reliable heavy-duty on-highway engines in the modern era—often living up to its impressive, 1.2-million-mile B50 rating. From the DD15's robust design and advanced high-pressure common-rail injection system to its unique turbo arrangement, it's a one-of-a-kind workhorse that continues to earn its keep in countless fleets all over North America.


Bottom-End Robustness

An engine’s ability to stand up to the immense cylinder pressure created when 1,850 lb-ftBlue Cast Iron Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale of torque is produced at just 975 rpm begins and ends with a strong foundation. The DD15's iron block is cast with both horizontal and vertical ribs for added rigidity, and its forged-steel crankshaft features induction hardening for optimum wear resistance. Each cylinder boasts a bottom-stop liner (which means the wet sleeve is sealed at both the bottom and the top) for utmost durability. A rear-mounted gear train minimizes torsional stress between the flywheel and gear train while also providing for better camshaft operating efficiency and less engine noise.


Tough Up Top

The DD15’s cast-iron cylinder head features four valves per cylinder with 38 torque-to-yieldGray Valve Cylinder Head of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale head bolts anchoring it to the block. In case you were wondering, that head fastener arrangement boasts eight bolts per cylinder (with sharing), which lends itself to tremendous combustion sealing. Overhead camshafts actuate the valvetrain, and their hollow, aluminum construction plays into their low inertia design. The camshafts reside in an aluminum cam housing, where the exhaust cam is equipped with a dedicated lobe for the DD15's three-stage, integrated Jacobs Brake system.




Amplified Common Rail System (ACRS)

Breaking away from the Series 60’s unit injection system, Detroit engineered its DD15 toBlack and Blue Amplified Common Rail System of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale utilize high-pressure common-rail injection, which it calls Amplified Common Rail System (or ACRS). The system uses a gear-driven, high-pressure fuel pump to pressurize diesel (higher than 30,000 psi in some instances) and stores it in the fuel rail until the injectors call for it. Dual solenoid-equipped common-rail injectors offer precise fueling capability and plenty of flexibility during fueling events (their timing and quantity can be varied on demand). Each injector also boasts the capacity to carry out five separate injection events per power stroke. ACRS was key in making sure the DD15 met 2007-later PM emissions standards.


Turbo Compounding

A unique turbo system, developed 100-percent in-house at Detroit Diesel, is used toGray Turbo Compound System of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale force additional air into the DD15. The company’s turbo compound system (also known as "axial power turbine") revolves around the use of a single (and simple), non-wastegated, fixed geometry turbocharger. The system takes exhaust gas energy and converts it into horsepower by passing it through a turbine-driven configuration which is married to the rear gear train by way of a hydrodynamic coupling. Working in tandem with the turbocharger, the axial power turbine helps generate as much as 53 additional horsepower  and as much as an extra 100 lb-ft of torque. The primary goal of the turbo compound system is to improve fuel economy, but (of course) the added power is a welcomed benefit for operators.


Common DD15 Problems And Failure Points

The list of problems associated with the Detroit Diesel DD15 is short, but one of its biggestCrankshaft Failure Spun Bearing of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale issues is low oil pressure. If low oil pressure goes unaddresses, it can lead to catastrophic engine damage. Over time, it’s common for the O-rings between the oil suction manifold and oil pump to harden, become brittle, and lose their sealing ability—and the only solution is to drop the oil pan and replace them. To a lesser degree, spun main and rod bearings occur. This is partially due to the DD15’s use of tri-metal bearings, which are great for handling high load capacities but don’t tolerate any level of oil contamination. Other issues are more familiar, such as emissions equipment failures, namely in the form of stuck EGR valves, plugged or ruptured EGR coolers, and failed differential pressure and NOx sensors. A full list of DD15 failures we regularly come across here at Big Bear Engine Company are listed below:

*Spun Main Bearings

*Spun Connecting Rod Bearings

*Wrist Pin Failure

*Lack Of Oil Pressure Or No Oil Pressure

Blue Long Block Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale*Oil Consumption And Extreme Blow by

*Oil Leaks

*Camshaft Failure

*Failed Oil Pump

*Broken Oil Pickup Tube

*Cracked Rocker Box Housing

*Leaking Water Manifold

Replcement Option Chart of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale


The DD15 Remanufacturing Process At Big Bear Engine

If a customer’s Detroit Diesel DD15 is unfortunate enough to suffer a serious internalReman Long Black Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale on Top of a Wooden Platform engine failure but at the same time is fortunate in that many of the engine’s external components can be reused, a remanufactured DD15 long block is a great, cost-effective solution. In fact, a reman long block is about as financially feasible as replacing a DD15 engine gets.

To accomplish this, our seasoned team of machinists and engine builders perform a full core tear down, cleaning, inspection, and also handle all machine work on your DD15 before it leaves our care. This process guarantees each engine departs the Big Bear Engine facility in perfect running condition every time.

Of crucial note in the DD15 reman process is that all of our reman long blocks are built with a mixture of both remanufactured and new parts. We do not recondition or refurbish old engine parts. Instead, we comprehensively rebuild your DD15 back to OEM specs.


Comprehensive Cleaning

Warehouse of Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For SaleIn an effort to avoid premature failure of both parts and the DD15 engine itself, we remove all impurities by stripping the block and head, and then subject them to an extensive and meticulous cleaning process in a chemical jet wash or hot tank.



Forged Steel Crankshaft of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale on Top of a Cemented FloorFactory DD15 crankshafts are precision machined to exact tolerances, polished for reduced bearing and oil resistance, and are magnafluxed to check for cracks. Once those steps are completed, the crankshaft is inspected by our quality control department.


Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For SaleTo both guarantee a proper sealing surface with the block as well as to achieve a finish that is compatible with the latest head gasket materials on the market, the cylinder head is resurfaced after passing initial inspection. Valve height is mic’d and the head is vacuum-tested to ensure precise valve sealing.



Stripped Block Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For Sale on Top of a CartonEach DD15 block is carefully inspected for cracks and other signs of damage or fatigue. To eliminate distortion once the cylinder head is fastened to the block, all cylinders are bored and honed to precise tolerances. This process reduces the causes of engine blow-by significantly. All block surfaces are then machined and inspected to ensure they receive a proper finish.



Dual Overhead Camshafts of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For SaleEach DD15 camshaft is inspected and precisely machined to ensure it provides accurate lift. Lobes are measured with a micrometer to make certain that all OEM tolerances are adhered to. Note: On our Premium Long Blocks, we offer the camshaft and cam housing as a mated OE pair; our Basic DD15 Long Block does not come with those components as standard equipment.


Connecting Rods

Forged Steel Connecting Rod of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For SaleEach connecting rod is carefully analyzed for signs of bending and/or twist. From there, rods are cleaned and then machined to OEM specifications. That process is followed with each unit being honed to its usual diameter of original equipment, which provides for even distribution of stress across the rod bearing. New bushings are fitted (and machined) in all bushed connecting rods.


New Parts

Gray and Blue Engine Overhaul Kit of a Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For SaleFresh pistons and rings, bearings, cylinder liners, gaskets, and all seals come standard on reman DD15 long blocks. These brand-new parts ensure dependable, long-term performance and reliability throughout the life of your engine. The new parts employed in a Big Bear long block are a combination of OEM and aftermarket components.


Added Insurance

Green and Gray Reman Long Block Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine For SaleWearable parts are replaced in every engine. All Detroit Diesel DD15 core material is inspected and examined against the original specifications to verify correct dimensional tolerances. After all, the goal of remanufacturing an engine is to restore it to a state that is as close to new as possible. Replacement parts are either new or requalified and if new, those parts are produced using the exact same manufacturing process(es) employed on the original engine. All testing is performed according to manufacturer specs and original production standards to ensure the highest level of quality.

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DD15 Long Block Parts List:


*Cylinder Head (loaded and complete)


*Connecting Rods


*Pistons and Rings


*Lifters and Followers

*Timed Rear Gear Group

*All Appropriate Gasket Sets

*All Required Lower Gaskets and Seals

*1-Year Warranty

Note: We can provide a new oil pump, oil cooler, water pump, turbo, injectors, and fuel pump for additional cost(s) with the long block, but these components will not come assembled to the engine.

**1-Year Warranty: First 6 Months Parts & Labor, Second 6 Months Parts Replacement Only. Ask your sales representative for a full copy of our remanufactured long block warranty.


Detroit Diesel DD15 Applications:

*Class 8 Trucks (namely Freightliner and Western Star)

*Tandem and Tri-Axle Dump Trucks


DD15 Specs

Engine Data

ConfigurationInline-six (I-6), four-stroke diesel
AspirationTurbocharged and intercooled
Horsepower455 hp to 560 hp
Compression Ratio18.4:1 (introduction) to 21.0:1
Bore Length5.47-inch (139mm)
Stroke6.42-inch (163mm)
BlockCast-iron with horizontal and vertical ribs, rear gear train and bottom stop wet cylinder liners
Displacement14.8L (906 ci)
HeadCast-iron with 38 head bolts (8 head bolts per cylinder, with sharing)
Oil System Tank Capacity47 quarts
Fuel ConsumptionLHV 42 780 kJ/kg (18 390 Btu/lb) weighing 845-850 g/liter (7.052-7.094 lb/
Dry Weight2,718 – 2,880 lbs
Total Length56.1-inches
Total Width34-inches
Maximum Height50-inches
ValvetrainDOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, aluminum cam housing
CamshaftLow inertia, dual overhead (and hollowed) camshafts with 3-stage, integrated Jacobs Brake
TurboHolset HX55 fixed geometry (non-wastegated) with turbo compound axial power turbine technology (i.e. flywheel turbine, or turbo compound system)
Combustion SystemDirect Injection
Injection SystemAmplified Common Rail System (ACRS) with high-pressure fuel pump and dual-solenoid activated injectors
ManagementDDEC VI
Emissions EquipmentEGR (’07-current), DPF (’07-current), DOC (’07-‘current), SCR (’10-current)
Torque1,550 lb-ft to 1,850 lb-ft

Give us a call today at 844-340-4114 for immediate sales and support for the Detroit Diesel DD15, Cummins 4BT, Cummins 6BT, 6CT, ISC, 855, QSB 4.5 L or CAT 3306. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ Page. We are always ready to help, or just listen to your crazy off-roading adventures!

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