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Protect Your Investment—Get Some Gauges Before You Turn Up The Fuel

By Featured Writer: Mike McGlothlin It’s no secret that considerable horsepower potential lies within the 4BT and especially the 6BT Cummins platforms. With a few simple hand tools, either the rotary or highly-desired inline plunger pump (P-pump) can be tweaked to provide the engine with significantly more fueling. In the case of a 6BT equipped…
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Top 5 Tractors for Farming in 2021

Farmers will have to increase their agricultural output by 70 percent before 2050 to feed our ever-growing population. That’s a lot of pressure, leaving no room for error, or worse, equipment failure. When the time comes to plow, cultivate or sow, sometimes the window to do so is shorter than one would like, especially as…
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4BT Vs. 6BT Cummins: Which Is The Better Swap Candidate?

By Featured Writer: Mike McGlothlin There’s no question that diesel swaps have become commonplace in cars, trucks, and off-road culture in recent years, and the Cummins name is at the top of the most desirable candidates you’ll find. But of the six-cylinder or four-cylinder B-series variety, which mechanical-injection power plant is a better choice? For…
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