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Bosch P7100 Fuel Pump Information

The Cummins 4BT, which debuted in 1983, is still regarded as one of the most reliable engines to ever be produced due to the simplicity of its design. The engine is almost 100% mechanical which means less moving parts than a newer electronic design. The fuel pump options available vary on design and responsiveness. This…
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Top 10 Most Popular Colorado Off-Roading Trails

There are thousands upon thousands of great off-roading trails in the US. Whether you are a rock crawler, love speed in the open desert or like cruising on an ATV or Polaris this land has a little bit of everything. We here at Big Bear have the luxury to live right the foot of the…
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Map of 85 Best Off-Roading Trails in Colorado

This is an excellent map from our friends over and which showcases the most popular OHV trails in Colorado. For those looking to narrow it down a bit check out our post ranking the 10 best off-roading trails in the state.
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