Jeep Wrangler driving off-road with a 4BT Cummins engine
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Mike McGlothlin, Featured Writer

Mike McGlothlin is a freelance writer and photographer specializing in diesel engines. His primary focus is technical and performance articles, with other interests within the diesel realm being event coverage and history. Mike has spent 99-percent of his 15-year, professional career in the diesel industry, and his work has been published in half a dozen leading national enthusiast publications. Mike enjoys attending a diesel drag race, dyno event or truck and tractor pull just as much as he revels in documenting an engine being torn down or pieced together.

Publications                                                                       Education

*                                                             *Eastern Illinois University

*Diesel World Magazine                                                  Bachelor's Degree, Journalism

*Four Wheeler Magazine

*Ultimate Diesel Builder’s Guide


*Diesel Power Magazine

Blogs Written by Mike McGlothlin:

  1. Why The 8.3L Cummins Is Tougher Than The 5.9L?
  2. The Future of Diesel Engines
  3. How to Pick The Right Transmission For Your 4BT Cummins
  4. Why Do Diesel Engine Last So Long?
  5. How Does a Diesel Engine Work?
  6. Why Mechanical Diesel Engines Are So Much More Reliable Than Electronic Versions
  7. To Shutoff Solenoid or Not to Shutoff Solenoid: Answering a Common Cummins-Swap Question
  8. P-Pump Swapping The ISB 24-Valve Cummins
  9. 4BT Head Gasket Issues - How Common Are They?
  10. 6CT vs. 6BT: Cummins' Fully Mechanical , Ultra-Reliable Light and Medium-Duty Siblings
  11. A Tale of Two Legends: How The Cummins 855 Big Cam Evolved Into The N14
  12. Top ISX15 Problems
  13. History of The ISL Cummins - And It's Natural Gas Variant, The ISL G
  14. How to Pick The Right Transmission For Your 5.9L Cummins
  15. Diesel and Hydrogen: The Present-Day Solution For Reducing Emissions
  16. How (and why) The Cummins ISX Came To Be
  17. Caterpillar 3126 vs. Navistar DT466E
  18. Top 10 5.9L Cummins Problems
  19. Top 10 8.3L Cummins Problems
  20. C15 vs C18: These Two CATs Are More Similar Than You Think
  21. The Best (And Worst) Class 8 Diesel Engines
  22. What Is A Cumming QSB Engine?
  23. The Best (And Worst) Medium-Duty Engines

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