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6BT Cummins (5.9) Engines and Long Blocks

Replacement Cummins 6BT Engines For Sale

Big Bear Engine Company Warranty SealThe 6BT Cummins Engine, or more commonly known as the 5.9 Cummins Long Block Engine, is one of the most popular light to medium-duty truck engines ever made. The engine was first manufactured in 1988 and was launched with the 1989 Dodge Ram. Chrysler introduced the Ram in 1981 but faced stiff competition from GM and Ford. Their original Chrysler LA and later Magnum engines weren’t cutting it. They needed a heavy-duty engine that could compete.

After looking at John Deere and Detroit Diesel to partner up with the company finally signed the deal of a lifetime with Cummins. The Dodge Ram ended up being one of the most successful Trucks of all time and was due largely to the performance and reliability of the Cummins 5.9, 6BT. The Cummins 5.9 / Cummins 6BT was the highest-producing 6-liter engine of all time and is still manufactured in 6 different countries today. The simple mechanical 12-valve design has made the 6BT / 5.9 the most reliable diesel engine ever produced.

Cummins 5.9 Horsepower History ChartThe 6BT Cummins Engine (5.9 L) is used both in light-duty trucks as well as numerous industrial applications. Popular industrial applications include Step Vans, Delivery Trucks, School Busses, Small Dump Trucks, Generators, Motor Homes, Utility Trucks, Backhoes, Loaders, Dozers, Motor Graders, Forklifts, Man Lifts, Water Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, Drainage Pumps, and Marine Applications.

Cummins 6BT Long Block Engines:

Cummins 6BT Surplus EngineOur 6BT long block engines are an excellent choice for someone who has an existing Cummins 5.9 / 6BT Cummins engine that is in need of an overhaul but can’t be repaired. Usually, if the engine threw a rod through the block, piston damaged the head, dropped a valve or spun a bearing it is more cost effective to replace the engine.

The good news is that the ancillary parts of the engine such as the water pump, oil pump, turbo, injectors, gaskets, flywheel, flywheel housing, starter, fuel lines, oil cooler, aftercooler, oil filter, oil filter adapter, intake and exhaust manifolds, clutch and all of your brackets and pulleys can be easily swapped over to complete your Cummins long block engine. It is more cost effective to use perfectly good parts and replace the internal parts of the engine. The long blocks builds new castings, not used or remanufactured, and have never been run. They are built with ISO 9001 new parts and are built to exact OEM tolerances and clearances.

Our Long Block 6BT Cummins Engines Include:

AERA Association Member
• Block
• Cylinder Head
• Camshaft and Lifters
• Crankshaft
• Connecting Rods
• Rocker Assemblies
• Gaskets, Rings, Seals, Bearings
• Timed Front Gear Group
• Valve Cover
• Oil Pump (most models)
• Oil Pan and Pickup Tube
• Standard 12 Months Parts Replacement Warranty
• 1 and 2 Year Extended Parts/Labor Warranties also Available

Long Block Models Include:

• 6B
• 6B Marine
• 6B Marine (Nippondenso Alternator)
6C - 2 Thermostat
6C - 1 Thermostat
ISB 5.9 L 24 Valve Long Block Program
• ISB 6.7 L

Cummins 6BT Extended Long Block Engines:

Our component build 6BT Cummins engines are also known as extended long blocks and come with most everything you need to replace and existing 6BT (5.9 L) assembly! Like our long blocks, our Cummins 6BT Engine / 5.9 L engines are built with all new ISO 9001 parts, to exact Cummins OEM specs and have a less than 1% failure rate on new parts. As a guide a component built engine is around 75% complete and consists of about 90% OEM Parts and 10% Aftermarket. 6BT Cummins Engines are build to industrial and automotive spec and are meant to be used for replacement parts. Extended long blocks do not come starter, alternator, flywheel, flywheel housing, air cross over tubes, motor mounts, hydroboosts, or radiators. Our extended 5.9 Cummins long block engines come with:

• Block
• Cylinder Head
• Camshaft and Lifters
• Crankshaft
• Connecting Rods
• Rocker Assemblies
• Gaskets, Rings, Seals, Wrist Pins, Bearings
• Injectors
• Oil Pump and Water Pump
• Oil Cooler
• Oil Filters
• Valve Cover
• Timed Front Gear Group
• Intake and Exhaust Manifolds
• Oil Pan and Pickup Tube
• Standard 12 Months Parts Replacement Warranty
• 1 and 2 Year Extended Parts/Labor Warranties also Available

6BT Extended Long Block Engine Models:

• 6B - 155 HP
• 6B - 160 HP
• 6B - 180 HP
• 6B - 210 HP
• 6B - 230 HP

• 6C - 215 HP

• 6C - 240 HP - 2 Thermostat
• 6C - 240 HP - 1 Thermostat

• 6C - 260 HP - 2 Thermostat
• 6C - 260 HP - 1 Thermostat

• 6C - 300 HP - 2 Thermostat
• 6C - 300 HP - 1 Thermostat

Cummins 6BT Specs

Engine Data

Type Inline, six cylinder turbocharger diesel (12 Valve or 24 Valve)
Displacement 359 cu in
Bore 4.02 in
Stroke 4.72 in
Compression Ratio 17.5:1
Max Horsepower 215 HP @ 2500 RPM
Max Torque Ratio 440 lb-ft @ 1600 RPM
Valve Train OHV, In Cylinder Block Lifter Camshaft (2 or 4 Valves Per Cylinder)
Cylinders 6 Inline
Cylinder Head Material Cast Iron
Engine Block Material Cast Iron
Camshaft Drive Gear Driven
Crankshaft Forged Steel (7 Main Bearings
Fuel System Bosch Injectors
Fuel Injection High Pressure Direct Injection
Emission Abatement None
Turbo Holset
Oil System Wet Sump
Oil System Capacity Cell
Cooling System 3 Gallons
Cooling System Water-Cooled
Control System Mechanical
Dry Weight 1,100 lbs (12 Valve), 1,150 lbs (24 Valve)


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