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Parts and Engine Returns Policy

Parts And Engine Returns

We understand that getting the right fitting long block or extended long block engine or engine component is of the upmost importance. We do our best to match up the engine serial number, arrangement number or critical components list (CPL) to the application you currently have in place as well as provide the most up to date information on the weight and dimensions. NOTE: We cannot guarantee that any assembly or component swapped will fit your application. Ultimately it is up to you, the customer, to do your due diligence to make sure our products work with your application and meet local, state and federal regulations. Engine packages are shipped as long blocks / extended long blocks for intended use as replacement parts. Compatibility should not be expressed, implied or quasi implied in anyway. For full Terms and Conditions of Sale please refer to

If you would like to return an engine there is a 25% restocking fee plus shipping charges. For parts and component returns there is also a 25% restocking fee plus shipping. These restocking fees are based upon policies directly enacted from our manufactures. We charge this fee because it costs us time and money (shipping fees, storage and handling, re-crating or re-packaging, credit card fees, labor costs etc…)

Returns include but are not limited to long blocks, extended long blocks, used or reman engines and components that have NOT failed do to manufacturer failure or workmanship. If a part or engine has failed a written engine warranty claim must be submitted and the standard warranty procedure must be followed. All parts and engine assemblies not produced by Diesel Kings Industries, LLC (DBA Big Bear Engine Company) will subjected to the manufacturer’s warranty procedures.

Returns of engines that have been modified due to customizations or upgrades (Not OEM Spec) or have been started will also not be accepted. All returns must be returned in the original packaging and be in a re-sellable condition. We reserve the right to request a picture of the engine or component prior to return to confirm the condition.

If an engine assembly or component shipped via Freight LTL, Air, Container Ship, UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS or other 3rd party is damaged in shipping it is up to you, the customer, to reject the shipment. Please inspect all shipments and make note of defects or damage on the copy of the Bill of Landing. If a ground package (typically less than 95 lbs.) is delivered prior to your knowledge (ie left at a doorstep or business) and is damaged, please email or call us immediately so we may contact the shipping company. Warranty claims will be handled via the shipping company. Products damaged or lost in transit, and properly noted, will be replaced as soon as possible.

Take notice that if deliveries are located on, for example, ranchlands, agriculture property, campgrounds or remote/restricted delivery sites and the carrier must make special accommodations to unload or schedule appointments, that additional fees will apply. Missed pickups and delivery appointments as well as the use of a liftgate will also incur additional fees. Additionally, the customer will incur all duties and fees related to import/export customs entries/departures for countries located outside of the United States.

Images from the website may vary from the actual product and are representative in nature. All original manufacturer products, tradenames, makes, models as specified in the privacy policy are for reference purposes only. Written descriptions and build sheets supplied in quotes/marketing material will act as a guide for what the engine or component ships with. Engines are built to specific serial numbers / CPL (critical parts list) and include parts to the ESN reference which may vary slightly from what is quoted.


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